ONE DAY WE WILL MEET AGAIN, WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT. WHEN YOU STEP OUT OF THE DARKNESS.                                                                      I WILL BE STANDING IN THE LIGHT.                                                                                                                                                                                -  MEMORIAL


Can. Ch. Baileysong Fancy That " Fancy"
AM. Can. Ch. Pattishawl Causing an Applause X Can. Ch. Kaboodle Carolina Skye
Feb 17/07-Sept/ 16
Can. Ch. Kaboodle Carolina Skye " Skye"
MBISS Am. Can. Ch. Classical Image of a Lengend X Zarbrax Guilding Star (SWE)
Aug 15/03- Aug 20 /18
MBVIS. Can. Ch. Friendship Mystic Song. "Cricket"
Am. Ch. Bluemoon's Everyones Raven X Am. Ch. Friendships Tantallon
Dec 24/04-Nov /19